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Location, Dates, Hours


435 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106

Dates & Hours

Tuesday, February 13 | 9am – 7pm
Wednesday, February 14 | 9am – 7pm
Thursday, February 15 | 9am – 4pm


Important Destinations

We understand your concerns about the proximity of The Expo at The World Market Center compared to other Fashion Week events, so we have laid out the approximate time it would take for you to travel to specific places around Las Vegas.

  • Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) - 15 minutes

  • Las Vegas Convention Center - 5 minutes 

  • The Strip - 10 minutes

  • The Venetian - 10 minutes

  • Freemont St. (hotel locations) - 6 minutes

Same Unparalleled Experiences

We understand that questions may arise, and concerns may linger. Your experience is our top priority and we are here to put any doubts to rest! WWIN has stood for service and experiences that exceed your expectations, and we will continue to meet those needs and go above and beyond, so you can focus on what's important: your business and order-writing.

What We Offer:

🍴 Complimentary Breakfast, lunch and daily breakfast breaks are still a WWIN staple! In fact, you’ll only see improvements to the daily offerings as well as additional opportunities for after-hours networking!

📅 We shifted our date pattern to save you money! By opening on Tuesday February 13th, we put distance between the February market and the big game. Flights and hotel rates both drop drastically on Monday! 

🗺️ Our new venue is closer to important market week destinations than ever before! Contrary to what you may have heard, the Expo at World Market Center is closer to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and The Venetian Convention Center than any of our previous venue! Not only that but say good-bye to surging ride share rates! Being off strip will eliminate those extra fees you’ve seen before!

🚗 We are keeping you connected! Each of our host hotels (Circa and Golden Nugget) are located 5 minutes or less from the venue via our complimentary shuttle! We’ll also have a code for discounted Lyft rides, so keep an eye out for that as we get closer to market!

🛍️ We know time is off the essence! Aside from the convenience of being closer to other markets in town, we are also co-located with Las Vegas Apparel! This gives you more opportunity to shop across all categories, in one convenient location!

🌟 Downtown Las Vegas has been re-invigorated! If you haven’t ventured to Downtown Las Vegas before, or within the last few years, it’s a must do! The city of Las Vegas has spent millions to update the existing hotels and restaurants, incentivize restaurant and bar owners to open up shop and to ensure the area is safe and secure for tourists and locals to enjoy. Make sure to browse our favorites here and if you want to learn more about the Downtown Project, click here!

Join Us in Las Vegas this February!


If It's New In Womenswear, It's Here.

The Womenswear In Nevada Show - also known as the WWIN show - is a Wholesale Women's Apparel show floor filled with top name brands and up-and-coming innovators featuring more than 1,500+ lines from more than 400+ exhibitors.

Everyone Wins At WWIN.

Known as the fashion and accessories trade show for all women, retailers from throughout the US and 25 other countries come to WWIN seeking countless designs in every category, at all price points - modern updated, missy, petite, tall, plus size, contemporary, traditional, and endless accessories!

Unmatched Amenities.

Complimentary breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments to help energize you throughout the day!

Accessories, Accessories, and more Accessories!

The WWIN show has an unrivaled reputation among retailers and buyers as a fabulous accessory trade show with a hunting ground for shoes, hats, purses, jewelry, belts, scarves, and much more!
Join us in Las Vegas!

Join us in Las Vegas!

WWIN February 2024 opens Tuesday, February 13th to avoid the chaos of the NFL's Big Game!