Top 5 Apparel Trends for 2018

Top 5 Apparel Trends for 2018

Fashion trends are constantly changing and we understand that trying to keep up with these ever-evolving styles can become exhausting! At WWIN Womenswear in Nevada, we try to make your buying experience as easy as possible and to do that, we want to give you ideas to use this February.

Here is a short list of the Top 5 Apparel Trends For 2018 to make sure that you have the most on-trend products in your store this year!

1. Ultra Violet | Pantone announced the 2018 Color of the Year, and it's going to be everywhere (or at least variations of it).
Purple is the new millennial pink, so make sure to add violet items to your "must have" list.

Clara Sunwoo


2. Oversize Jewelry | The bigger the earrings, the better. Earrings are no longer meant to compliment your outfit, but take your outfit to an entirely new level!
Easily styled, and not expensive, oversized jewelry is going to make a statement in 2018.

International Durus


3. Plaid Everything | Plaid is in one year and out the next, but it's definitely in this year. Blazers, pants, tops, and even purses are going to be covered in plaid.
Channel your inner clueless character while picking out your next plaid piece.

Lisette L


4. Fancy Fringe | Fringe has taken on a new life. It used to live at music festivals, but now it lives on the runway.
Fringe adds sass and movement to anything simple!



5. Daytime Sparkle | Sequins don't have to be worn only on New Year's Eve. Bring them into the light, and actually see them sparkle. 

Clara Sunwoo



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