Sell Savvy not Stuff

Sell Savvy not Stuff

It’s official .... the days of having a profitable store and growing a devoted client base by just selling “Stuff”are in our rear view.

Today’s forward- sprinting retailer MUST curate and present an incisive niche designed to “bull’s eye” their target market with style, value, multi- level services and a compelling atmosphere...or, the fledgling business model will evaporate into the vapor of “Meh....just another store.”

While working recently with a suburban store on a specific project, we sharpened our focus - and ears - when we heard lavish praise about our client’s powerful customer respect, service and need perception.



“This is the only store where you can actually get truthful advice and help.”

“These people genuinely care about how I look . . . not how much they can sell me.”

“I love their loyalty program . . . I come here first when I have a clothing want or need.”

“Their clinics on seasonal fashion features and trunk shows are so helpful in editing my updates and purchases. I bring my friends!”

“This store is so giving to our community . . . they’ve done charity style shows and had store events to help us raise money whenever we’ve asked.”

“I love their ‘6 items = 1 fashionable long weekend’ posts . . . they make packing decisions so easy!”

And, the best yet:

“I haven’t worried about what to wear to any event or occasion for years...I’ve just left it up to them. They call me when flattering items I like are in the store, OR specially purchased for me at market. I started getting compliments when THEY dressed me!”

SO -

If the above extended client services are NOT currently in your store’s constant and well-promoted tool kits for your staff and customers....why not, and why are you waiting to begin?

ANY store can make it rain pretty things...but only a REAL merchant and totally engaged store can create an authentically service-driven business to become indispensable to its clients, and develop raving fans to grow that business into stunning strength, revenue streams and PROFIT!

- By Rita Mitchell-Waldoff

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