GUEST BLOG: Opening New Doors Into Fashion Through Sewing

GUEST BLOG: Opening New Doors Into Fashion Through Sewing

Written By: Jackie Edwards

Opening New Doors Into Fashion Through Sewing

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world...Fashion is instant language."  Particularly for the people of Las Vegas, where the nightlife is a perfect opportunity to show off unique fashion choices. And what better way to present your true self, than to create unique fashion with your own two hands?  Many women are heavily involved in the consumer side of fashion; retail therapy is a term heard far and wide throughout the country.  But can actually creating fashion through sewing your own clothes lead you deeper into your love of the fashion world?

Understanding The Sacrifice

Sewing your own clothing is no easy task, even for an experienced seamstress.  It involves many steps, from planning your design, to choosing fabrics, to the patience required for adding the tiniest details, buttons and zippers. Learning to sew is not easy for most people, and many budding seamstresses make repeated mistakes at first.  But the process of designing and sewing your own clothing can help you better appreciate the value of the fashion you sport, when the blood, sweat and tears are your own.  This appreciation can help you fall more in love with the incredible thought and care that goes into the clothing we wear each day.  All it takes is a sewing machine and a little perseverance.

Fitting In

Despite what the fashion industry might sometimes like to believe, not everybody is made quite the same.  The reality is that if any particular body part is not more or less average, if you have shorter arms, longer legs, wider shoulders, etc., it can be difficult to find clothing that fits well.  A poll of two thousand women across the country, according to the New York Post, found that nearly half of women struggle to find clothing that fits well, which leads them to avoid certain trends or specific articles of clothing.  Other women wish to be adventurous in their fashion choices, but run into problems when they can’t find their correct size in stores. All of these issues lead to 46 percent of women feeling lower levels of confidence about their bodies when shopping for clothes.  

Ill-fitting clothing can be uncomfortable and can make you feel less confident and excited about the image you’re presenting through your fashion. Sewing your own clothing can help you to get around these issues. With a little practice or help from a more experienced seamstress, patterns can be adjusted or created to fit your specific measurements, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in any kind of fashion you choose.  When you feel confident in your clothing, it will decrease your limits and allow you to explore and love fashion like never before.

Celebrating the Past

Although there are many trends that circle back after a few decades, fashion is constantly moving forward.  There are certainly benefits of this for people who get tired of their wardrobe quickly, but fashion trends of the past can still have their place in the present day.  There are many people who choose to sport vintage looks, but shopping for vintage pieces can get pricey. Instead, vintage patterns are available on the internet so you can recreate timeless masterpieces.  Wearing vintage and handmade fashion will make you stand out even in the fashion-filled world of Las Vegas.  Looking for and recreating vintage fashion can also help you to connect with the origins and history of fashion, and create a deeper love for the industry as it is today.  

Fashion is an industry that has the love and attention of many around the world, but designing and sewing your own clothing can open new doors into the universe of fashion and create a newfound love for the nuances sometimes overlooked.  Fashion allows people to express themselves creatively and put something into the world unique to them alone.

Jackie Edwards initially gained a degree in Fashion and Dress History from a UK university, before going on to work for a variety of small businesses - starting off in the sewing rooms and learning her craft from scratch. During the 1990s, she set up and ran her own boutique, dealing in original creations and vintage fashion. When she got married and became a mother some 15 years ago, she turned to working from home, and now has a small set up focusing on vintage dress repairs in her free time, but also spends a great deal of her time writing and working on articles and papers relating to fashion, art and design.