GUEST BLOG: 365 Chances For A Brilliant 2019 This New Year!

GUEST BLOG: 365 Chances For A Brilliant 2019 This New Year!

By: Rita Mitchell-Waldoff, Waldoff Group


You and your business have turned the concrete page of Holiday 2018 into 365 new chances for a BRILLIANT 2019!


We’re NOT doing "Business as usual"... nor City as usual, nor Community as usual, or Country as usual or even WORLD as usual!

We’re doing BUSINESS UNUSUAL - business disruptive...even business INSANE in our quest for MORE customers, MORE services, more and better everything, faster, direct to Client and even more affordable...

So, let’s stop all that madness for a minute and take a look from outside in:

  • What would get OUR attention and OUR business, if we were our own customer?
  • What would we NEED the most? Or, want the most?
  • What would it look like and feel like if we were working for us?

Last and toughest, really ask yourself these two questions:

  • What would we change?
  • What MUST we change, to move our business forward with WOW impact?


Take it and BREAK IT! Be BOLD!

Take a hard look at what’s worked, what hasn’t and GET MOVING!  DO the UNEXPECTED! NOW! Remain true to your brand, clientele and then -

  • Paper your windows for ONE Monday and re-create your store! MOVE EVERYTHING! Especially if you’ve done or are fanning inventory - why NOT? You’ll be in touch, literally, with your stock and best amplify its chances for selling.
  • Do something amazing for your most productive staffers and let go of the “place- holders”.... NOW!
  • Drill deep into what you do best and do more of it! DO not be afraid to charge for it ... think Sunday afternoon wardrobe update clinics, “lovely dates”- early morning or evening “new you” classes for new brow tips, new non-invasive cosmetic procedures, new “yoga-lates” basics, new tax tips. The #1 currency right now is not money .... it is TIME! If you, with your awesome store, credibility, service, and caring for your clientele present new ways to help challenges within your customers’ orbit, AND save them TIME - Jackpot! 


We’re ahead of the curve to offer this Spirit of COMMUNITY, NOT competition! It takes effort, but the rewards are exponential.

We must drill into our specialties and be the best and brightest of what we do and are. Then partner with our “best of” business peers to maximize our impact, our solid future AND, our growth. Step out and BREAK it! Especially if it’s just going “OK.”

Be THAT business buzz where You never know what amazing, fabulous thing that they are going to do next!


Happy New You!

- Rita and the Fashionistas



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