GUEST BLOG: Got Any Change?

GUEST BLOG: Got Any Change?

Changing clocks, longer days, school breaks and almost-nipped daffodils - WAIT!

Hey, Spring! Is that YOU?

Right now, with all this gentle seasonal upheaval, it’s a PERFECT time to do some SERIOUS reworking of our stores and all those weary habits. (Or, for many “Let’s KonMarie This” - with a nod to the Life-Changing Magician of Change, Marie Kondo.)

Take a good hard look at your store as you walk in - what is so fabulous that you almost giggle with joy? And, what is as dead as last night’s party tray?

So, CHANGE it! One of our favorite tricks is to come in crazy early, then move, shift, re-display, re-mannequin and re-stock EVERYTHING before the store opens. Yes, a colossal effort! But, the results are 100% golden! New deliveries with previous shipments, recombinations, exhilarating front-of-the-store visuals and a complete - yes - CHANGE from the strangle of status quo.

Once done, other teams of 2-3 staffers can take over this epiphany of change as one delivery period transitions into the next, fully celebrating everyone’s in-store “vision du jour”.

Still skeptical? Trust us -TRY it! Just like a crockpot, come in early, set it and then forget it and GO HOME! Your staff and your clients will have a great time “discovering” and you will know from this exercise what you need to reorder, what you must mark down and where to go next!