Behind The Brand - Salaam Clothing

Behind The Brand - Salaam Clothing
Booth: #A2231
Ph: 802.454.1318

How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
Salaam has been in business for 26 years specializing in knit prints. Allowing customers to select any print for anybody to fit their store aesthetic. Made in the USA.

What is your most popular design/style to date?
We have the most success with easy, looser fitting styles such as our Suzie and June Tops, Lucy Shift and Lexi Dress

What is new with your brand? 
We continually bring in new prints and styles to keep the collection exciting

What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?
Larger floral prints

How have your customer's needs changed as of late?
Customers appreciate our stock program to allow buying for immediate needs

How long have you exhibited with WWIN?
Since 2015

What would you say to someone considering attending the WWIN show?
WWIN has become a great destination that offers all the top brands and comprehensive variety of products to fulfill any apparel buyers' needs.