Behind The Brand - Bee Attitudes

Behind The Brand - Bee Attitudes
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Ph: 513-490-2878

How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
We have been in business for four years. We specialize in women’s athleisure wear, which includes hoodie tunics, tops, leggings, dresses and accessories. Our super soft line is designed with positive attitudes, which inspire and empower women. Another key component to Bee Attitudes is our giveback program. We have teamed up with local non-profits whose mission is to provide healing for women who have been victims of sex trafficking. We donate money, share their mission on social media and hire from their community. 

What is your most popular design/style to date?
Our super soft hoodie tunic is our best-selling style. It’s versatile enough to wear with your favorite pair of jeans, leggings or even to the beach. 

What is new with your brand? 
We are excited to be introducing more styles beyond our modern basic collection, which includes new attitudes on our 2018 Spring Line as well as lightweight zip hoodies and hoodie dresses.

What types of trends are you seeing in the industry right now?
We have seen a growing market in athleisure wear. More than ever women’s busy lifestyles call for comfortable, yet fashionable clothing. Athleisure wear is becoming the answer for women who want the simplicity of wearing one outfit throughout the day, whether they are running errands, lunching or going to the gym. Consumers are becoming more socially conscious and like to know their dollars are providing help for someone in need. Because of this, companies are incorporating give back programs.

How have your customers' needs changed as of late?
We started out as a basic tee shirt line and have found that our customers wanted more fashionable, yet comfortable styles. Therefore, we introduced our hoodie tunics, leggings and dresses along with a larger selection of attitudes.

How long have you exhibited with WWIN?
February 2018 will be our third show.

What would you say to someone considering attending the WWIN show?
It is a great show. We are very impressed with the quality and variety of brands exhibiting.

- Lizzie Stuhlreyer, Owner