"The WWIN Show is one of the best womenswear trade shows in the country. Specialty stores are driven to the show and these are our main buyers. Many of these buyers only shop twice a year, and that is at both editions of the WWIN Show, so it is key that we are here."
- Cindy Kenney, LA Blend

"I've been doing the show for more than 17 years and this has been my best show on record. I'm seeing serious, qualified buyers placing orders. I am also seeing a lot of repeat customers coming back to place larger orders."
- Sami Kanawati, SAGA
"My key accounts continue to attend the show and therefore I think that the show will continue to stay strong. We believe that the buyers love the show because of the energy and vibe that it gives."
- Kay Pile, Treska Inc.

"We've been doing the show for around 12 years and we've had the strongest past 3 shows ever. At WWIN we see everyone, from young to older."
- Steve Long, Magic Scarf

"We've been doing the show for years and every time it feels like home when we come. Working with the show team feels like you're working with your family."
- Jullianne Campbell, VEOND

"The show has been fantastic, we absolutely loved our space. We experienced a great deal of traffic, every day after that our booth was filled with buyers looking for the newest womens apparel for the year."
- Joe Cho, HoneyMe

"This show has been excellent so far. I have made 11 new accounts just on day 1."
-Jack Franklin, S. Walter Packaging 

"Almost all of my orders on opening day were brand new accounts for us. It has been a great show for us."
-Ravi Shajwani, Shana Apparel  

"We haven't exhibited at WWIN in 7 years and we are very happy to be back this year and plan to continue to come. We go to NY Now, Atlanta, and other shows and the quality of the buyers that attend WWIN is amazing to us."
-Jim Martin, Green 3

"Can you all start creating more clothing shows around the country for us to be a part of?"
-Beverly Rose/Alisha.d/LIOR  

"This has been a record breaking first day for our company during any February show."
-Laura Hlavac, Laura Hlavac Apparel 

"I've done many shows, but this is my first time at WWIN. I am amazed by the number of orders we've gotten this week. The food is great. It's just as easy for a sales rep as it is for a buyer. I am in awe of this show." 
-Phyllis Cohen, Focus 2000 



Show at a Glance
August 13-16, 2018
Rio Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
678.285.EXPO (3976)